StockBot Launched!

December 14, 2020 in Uncategorized

Stockbot has officially launch. There is only a few days left before Christmas so download StockBot today and get started monitoring your most wanted products for In-Stock alerts. Head over to the apple App Store: Click Here

Hashtag Bandit is on!

May 14, 2020 in Double5Media LLC, Hashtag Bandit

Hashtag Bandit has made it on Head over there to vote for our app if you find the app useful. Also, stay tuned for more updates to Hashtag Bandit! We are currently researching and refining the Hashtag Cycle to provide an efficient way to help you create your signature hashtag strategy. Once it is ready for release we will let you know. Follow us on Instagram @hashtagbanditapp for the updates.

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Hashtag Bandit Launched!

May 4, 2020 in Double5Media LLC, Hashtag Bandit

Double5Media LLC has done it again with another amazing app launch. Hashtag Bandit serves to help Instagram accounts grow, get more likes and follows efficiently and quickly. This simple app allows you to easily copy hashtags from your competitors which you know works, so that you can implement the same hashtag strategy on your own content. Using text recognition technology, Hashtag Bandit is able to read those hashtag from a taken image and produce them as editable hashtag groups for easy pasting on your own posts.

To quickly copy hashtags, simply:

  1. Take a picture of your competitors hashtags.
  2. Load the photo into the Hashtag Bandit App by clicking on the Load button.
  3. Using the cropping tool, only select the area of the image which has the hashtags.
  4. Select the Hashtag Bandit Logo Raccoon to begin retrieval and that’s it!
  5. Edit the hashtag group and when ready, select copy. You will have the option to open Instagram directly from within the app to get you back to your post faster!
  6. Paste you new hashtag group to instagram and watch your increased reach.

Let us know what you think! Happy hash-tagging!